OPA is now part of APBA Offshore

February 12, 2014

After more than a dozen years of producing Offshore Racing events, OPA Racing (Offshore Powerboat Association) has joined forces with American Power Boat Association in order to bolster the ranks within APBA’s Offshore Category.

“We see this as a very positive move for our teams and the sport in general” said Ed (Smitty) Smith, President of OPA. “By joining with the APBA, several things happen. Our teams are now eligible for the APBA Hall of Champions, we can now promote joint events with other APBA categories to enhance our product at our race sites, we can establish globally recognized speed runs and we have the exclusive rights to the APBA Offshore sanction within Region one, two, three, four and six. The sport has been so fractioned that it was time to do something to help put it back together.” ......


TnT to Race an Activator Racing SVL for the 2014 Season

January 1, 2014


In the fall of 2013, TnT Racing acquired the Activator Racing Super Vee Lite(SVL) formerly known as "Absolutely Not". After being the crew chief for the boat for the 2012 season, TnT's Driver/Throttleman, Trent Weyant, felt this would be a perfect boat to make the transition from the open boats that TnT has competed with to the canopy setup that this SVL offers. "The boat won the 2011 SBI National Title with Absolutely Not, so even with the surge of the new technology in the class, this boat will allow us to be competitive out of the box.

NEWS - 2015

                                    Wix Filters Partners with TnT  

                                                                        July 7, 2015

                                                     Based out of Gastonia, North Carolina, the same hometown as Driver Trent Weyant, Wix Filters brings their over 75 years of                                                      perfecting filters to TnT Racing. The majority of NASCAR teams utilize Wix Filters which shows they can stand the abuse                                                           and  high horsepower that our marine engines put out. They might cost approximately $5 more, but at the end of the day,                                                             it saves over $10,000 in rebuilds due to impurities in your oil....


                                      PCI Race Radios to continue with TnT  

                                                                           August 2, 2015

                                                         In offshore racing, you have a Driver and a Throttleman. The Driver reads the conditions and points the boat in the

                                                        right  direction, the Throttleman controls the speed and balance. In essence you have two people that have to think as one                                                          and  communication is the key. TnT Racing accomplishes this by utilizing the premier intercom system in the world and is

                                                         provided by PCI Race Radios. Since 2006, PCI has been the exclusive intercom provider for TnT and will remain on board                                                          with the debut of our new Activator Super Vee Lite.